Right at the heart of the educational hub of the North, that is Baguio City, rose one of the pioneering institutions of private education – the BAGUIO CENTRAL UNIVERSITY (BCU).

The institution metamorphosed from its humble beginning as a vocational school founded on December 5, 1945 to what it is today after the grant of its University status on August 15, 1977.

Now on its seventy (70) years of existence, BCU has produced graduates who have become successful in their own right. It prides itself having alumni who have landed in high positions both in private and government service; topnotches in licensure examinations and board examinations performance over and above the national passing percentage.

BCU boasts of several educational buildings, learning structures and facilities located in its three campuses: (1) The Bonifacio Campus (Main); (2) The Magsaysay Campus; and (3) The Padre Burgos Campus.

True to its mission to provide quality education for all, it has accepted into its fold students from all walks of life-from Baguio City, the Cordillera, neighboring regions and other parts of the country- offering affordable education and where available, scholarship grants to the financially challenged but deserving students; free education to its employees and their children.

Baguio Central University has weathered the storm, is boldly facing the challenges of stiff completion and addressing the various changes that are currently taking place in the education arena.

Like the eagle in its seal, Baguio Central University continues soaring high towards excellence.