BCU Adopts a School

BCU Adopts a School

By: MerilynPallay

The Baguio Central University has adopted one of the primary schools in Baguio City which is located at Country Club Village, Baguio City. The school is formally known as Baguio Country Club Village Elementary School (BCCVES).

The school has 182 enrolees. Looking back, the school was opened on June 12, 2007 with only one classroom. It was constructed by the Philippine Army Engineering Department of Tarlac City. During the its first year of operation, there were 22 enrolees in grade one. Since then, one grade level opened each year to accommodate the fast growing number of pupils. The different classes have occupied many of the barangay infrastructures. Some of which are the clinic, the stage of the basketball court, and half of the barangay hall. The struggle continued when there was a need for additional classrooms to cater the Grade IV-VI levels. Through the cooperative effort from the Local Government Unit (LGU), Parents, Teachers, and Community Association (PTCA), School Pupil Government (SPG), Faculty and volunteers, the construction of rooms within the proposed school site was made possible. The school now caters to pupils from Kinder to Grade Six.

BCU has extended help to the school by donating second hand clothes, bags, and books. Moreover, an opportunity for Information Communication and Technology Training(ICT) was given to the teachers which was conducted from April 26- May 4, 2016. The training was purposely done to develop their knowledge in I C T. The training covered topics such as Photoshop, Movie Maker/Video Editing, Layer Basics and Premiere. At the end of the training, certificates were awarded to the teachers.

The adopted school had been the subject of the “Green Revolution Project” of the Scientia Technologia Sodalici (STS) Club of the College of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts. The members of the Club visited the school and constructed an herbal garden in the school campus. Trash Bins for the school were also provided by the club.

The teahers from the adopted school were also invited during the “Mother Tongue” and “Human Relations” seminar for them to gain more knowledge about the developments in the new educational curriculum.

Just recently, the school has rendered help on the supplementary feeding program for the month of August. The supplementary Feeding program plan will run from September 2017 to March 2018. The feeding program aims to intensify health and nutrition among the grade school pupilss as well as to introduce nutritional education.

BCCVES as an adopted school of BCU shall continue to be true to its commitment as a center of child formation and BCU shall make sure that its responsibilities to the school shall be met.