BCU adheres to CMO no. 04 series of 2018

The  Baguio  Central University followed the Commission on Higher Education Order (CMO) No. 04 Series of 2018 signed by the Officer-in-Charge Dr. J. Prospero De Vera lll last April 11, 2018.

The CMO No. 04 Series of 2018 is entitled Policy on the Offering of Filipino and Panitikan Subjects in all Higher Education Programs as Part of the New General Education Curriculum.

            The policy states that all higher education institutions are enjoined to implement as part of all baccalaureate degree programs, per CHED Memorandum Order 59, series of 1996 and CMO No 04, Series of 1997, the following minimum requirements, insofar as Filipino and Panitikan courses are Concerned:

            As to those fields of study, which are related to Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication: Filipino 9 units and Literature 6 units.

            As to students majoring in fields  other than Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication, higher education institutions may follow the minimum requirements:  Filipino 6 units and Literature as example in Humanities subjects.

            In both instances, at the discretion of the higher education institutions, Literature subjects may be taught in Filipino, English of any other Language as long as there are enough instructional materials for the same and both students and instructors/professors are competent in the language.

            In order for higher education institutions to include Filipino and Panitikan as core courses in the curriculum, the inclusion of 9 units of GE electives starting Academic Year 2018-2019 as prescribed in CMO N0. 20 series of 2013 is hereby deferred.

            The eight core courses (24 units) identified in CMO No. 20 series of 2013, along with the mandated course on Rizal’s life and works based on RA No. 1425 (3 units) will be taught starting AY 2018 – 2019.

            Understanding the Self/Pag-Unawa sa Sarili; Readings in Philippine History/Mga Babasahin Hingil sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas; The Contemprary World/Kasalukuyang Daigdig; Mathematics in the Modern World/Matematiks sa Makabagong Daigdig; Purposive Communication/Malayuning Komunikasyon; Art Appreciation/Pagpapahalaga sa Sining; Science, Technology and Society/Agham, Teknolohiya at Lipunan; Ethics/Etika; and The Life and Worksof Rizal/Ang Buhay at mga Akda ni Rizal.

            Higher Education Institutions in the exercise of their academic programs in the curricular offerrings shall have the flexibility to determine the appropriate terms (semester/trisemester/quarter) where the above-mentioned Filipino courses shall be offered.

            The Commission encourages higher education institutions to maintain their Filipino Departments in order for them to continue offering their Filipino and Panitikan courses.

            Dr. J. Prospero De Vera lll, is now the Chairman of CHED.