BCU deploys 35 interns

The College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) deployed a total of 35 interns around the Central Business District and at the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) to complete their 540 hours internship.

Half of the total hours of their internship was completed in serving a specific barangay and was further deployed BCPO for traffic and imvestigation purposes.

            The interns is composed of 8 females and 27 males. The deployed interns were Charito P. Alberto, Levi A. Anabon, Jerwin Amongan, Kevin S. Bagwan, Steve L. Bati-il, Jet B. Bawigan, Jerry Y. Bitaga, Mariel D. Casio, Gideon B. Domigan, Gerald M. Dulnuan, Freddy L. Fang, Dory M. Fawas, Jayson G. Frigillana, Cloie M. Gayamos, Kevin B. Guistoc, Cristobal D. Imingan, Hamhar D. Isican, Gaston K. Kinggingan Jr., Femie L. Likiang, Eulysis S. Lucas, Dave D. Macaranas, Fredie M. Marekchan, Jake B. Marzo, Vergel N. Oyangwa, Trixie Ann B. Pagaduan, Christian B. Ponte, Viron D. Suguipil, Randy P. Sallaya, Michael Gil E. Sario, Jerry D. Sawac Jr., Lowell B. Severano, Alpha Grace B. Tomas, Joel G. Igid.