CBA women steals CTELA volleyball championship crown

The College of Business Administration has successfully stolen volleyball championship crown last October 18 in the final game from the defending champion, College of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts held at the college gymnasium, main building.

As the serve on the first set, CBA garnered its first point followed by a steady stream of points with their strategic prowess in receiving the opponent attack, half way of the first set CTELA managed to score using their masterful techniques in spiking, however despite their persistence on winning the first set CBA declared their victory, 23-25.

            Using their mad skills in defense coupled with their devastating receiving ability, CBA raked in points in the second set of the game.             CTELA viciously fought back but CBA ended up demolishing them, finally ending the CTELA’s reign in the University’s volleyball court. The CBA team, allong with their supporters basked in their victory and made history as they took home the crown for the first time, 18-25.