Quinto and Caranta participate in SYC

Quinto and Caranta participate in SYC

By Leila M. Mulles










Delegates from the Cordillera Administrative Region during the Sunburst Youth Camp.

Marjorie Quinto of the College of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (CTELA) and Leo Caranta of the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) participated in Sunburst Youth Camp (SYC) held at Singapore last December 3-9, 2017.

Sunburst Youth Camp is an annual event organized by the Secretariat of Singapore Technologies Endowment Program (STEP).

Quinto and Caranta were accompanied by the in charge officials from Commission on Higher Education (CHED) together with the selected students from Saint Louis University (SLU), Kalinga State University (KSU) and Amable Mendoza Aguiluz University (AMA).

Places of the youth participants vary every year and this time the participants were selected from Cordillera to represent the country.

“We represented the Philippines especially the culture we have here in Cordillera, the camp made us acquainted with different youths from Asia and it was an unforgettable experience.” Quinto said in an interview.